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About the Author

Jim Wallgren is an author, retired network engineer, speaker, and sports enthusiast. He has appeared on ABC “Good Morning America” featured in numerous news articles and TV segments in the Dallas/Ft. Worth media market.

Today, Jim has proudly lived as a C5/6 complete quadriplegic for over 40 years. He has been advocating for the rights and full participation of People with Disabilities, with his proudest moment giving a personal plea before a congressional delegation in Dallas, Texas, for the passage of the Americans with Disability Act in the early ’90s. Currently living near the Austin, Texas area with his wife and is the proud father of twins. Jim and his wife enjoy traveling and have visited many foreign countries and most regions of the United States. He is also an Amateur Radio operator, licensed by the FCC.

Jim is the son of dynamic parents who taught him and his brother and sister that generosity, respect, and hard work are the most necessary tools if you want to succeed. He hopes he has made them proud and wishes to inspire others with his story.